Business Operations Services Detail

Sustainable growth depends upon alignment of all internal operating groups to your business strategy, clearly defined roles and responsibilities across functions and performance management capabilities to hold teams accountable.  Business operations - done well - can ensure more effective resource management & allocation, better financial management and improved communication across functions, making it easier to identify problems and see new opportunities to accelerate growth.  Said another way, they are the essential glue that keeps the organization together and aligned behind achievement of your company vision.

At Flagstone Operating Partners, we have deep experience in all aspects of business operations to help your company reach its full potential:

  • Operating plan development: Translating your key business strategies into a detailed and executable operating plan to keep your teams aligned to your organization’s key objectives.

  • Performance measurement & accountability management: Establishing the critical metrics and milestones that are most impactful to your business success / aligned to your business goals and helping you establish processes to most effectively track and hold folks accountable to them.

  • Organizational structure assessment and design: Providing guidance on ways to optimize your teams to get to the next level and maximize alignment to key corporate objectives.

  • Change management: Development and execution of plans to overhaul key aspects of your business, ensuring all dependencies and key considerations are properly identified and managed.

  • Operational assessments: Objective review of business operations to identify key strengths and areas of potential improvement, as well as development of plans to capitalize on strengths and address problem areas.

  • Sounding board: Helping you think through your biggest challenges and develop plans to address them to maximize business value.

  • Operating reviews: Creating regular process and cadence for reviewing cross functional performance, with an eye towards assessing “what’s working, what’s not” and developing plans to address issues and capitalize on market opportunities.