Financial Management & Analysis Services Detail

Flagstone Operating Partners offers a wide range of financial management & analysis services to help you manage your resources, optimize your operations and more efficiently scale your business:

  • Budget development & resource allocation: Development of detailed revenue and expense budgets for the coming year that factor in both current glide path and key business objectives for the year ahead, ensuring proper allocation of financial resources.

  • Forecasting: Tracking systems to keep on top of performance relative to budget.

  • Financial health assessment: Detailed analysis of financial statements and accompanying detail to uncover opportunities to improve financial performance and efficiency.

  • Customer lifetime value assessment: Quantification of the lifetime value of a new customer, based on expected cash flows and customer retention.  Critical to understand prior to making investment decisions - whether in marketing, sales, product or operations.

  • Financing modeling & analysis: Development of comprehensive financial models, driven by clearly identified set of key assumptions, that can be updated for long term scenario planning purposes or for deciding whether to pursue a new initiative.

  • Pricing strategy: Setting appropriate pricing for your products and services in the market, in light of competitive trends, your position in the market, product capabilities and go-to-market models.

  • Board communications: Creation of board communication packages - memos, presentations, financials, etc. - to ensure more effective board meetings.

  • Investor presentations & fundraising documents: Development of detailed offering summaries and investor presentations to assist you in equity and debt capital fundraising efforts, as well as in exit planning.

  • Due diligence support: Business and financial due diligence in support of both fundraising and M&A efforts.