Value Creation Planning Services Detail

A written value creation plan, updated regularly, is imperative to your business success and keeping your teams focused on creating value for your investors.  Done right, a value creation plan can help clarify your strategic direction, ensure alignment of your teams behind this direction and working toward a common set of focused priorities, help you to more effectively allocate resources and provide context for evaluation of key decision points that arise throughout the year. 

Flagstone Operating Partners offers a number of services to help you in the development of your value creation plan plan:

  • Strategic priority development: Identification of the key goals and objectives that - if achieved - will lead to the greatest business growth in the coming year(s), consistent with your long term vision.  Ensure your senior teams - across all functional areas - are on the same page as to the key objectives for your business.

  • Operating plan alignment to functional groups: Development of the high level, cross-functional plans necessary to achieve your key strategic priorities and financial targets, ensuring proper allocation of resources to ensure success and top-to-bottom alignment of each member of your team to your strategic priorities.

  • Financial planning: Creation of long term (3 - 5 year) plans aligned to your value creation plan to set the foundation for what success will look like from a financial perspective (revenue growth, expense growth, capital requirements, etc.).  Includes identification of key underlying business drivers/metrics and your goals for each over the long term.  ‚Äč