Sales Planning and Operations Services Detail

Effective sales planning and sales operations capabilities are crucial to ensuring your company realizes its full sales potential.  Flagstone Operating Partners has deep experience in helping companies effectively structure, scale and manage world class sales organizations:

  • Sales organization design: Ensuring proper construction of sales teams and sales support functions in light of market opportunity and sales process. 

  • Sales team assessments: Review of your sales teams’ composition, strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Go-to-market strategy: Refinement and clarification of product value proposition and primary target markets, review of available channels and identification of appropriate channel strategy.

  • Business development support: Deal structuring and negotiation services to ensure prospective partnerships and vendor relationships align with business and financial goals.

  • Sales metrics development and tracking: Development of scorecards to assess sale rep and sales management progress from initial prospecting activities to lead to pipeline to close.

  • Pipeline management processes: Developing a common approach to pipeline management -- sales stage, estimated close dates, opportunity value quantification, etc. -- to help reps focus efforts and further to ensure consolidated pipeline across the organization is insightful and actionable.

  • Sales compensation design: Assessing compensation systems to ensure they drive the right sales rep and sales management behaviors and can be easily administrated.

  • Sales rules of engagement: Formal documentation of an appropriate set of rules and expectations governing your sales reps’ selling activities.

  • Sales territory construction: Developing guiding principles to setting sales territories - whether by geography, company size or industry vertical.  Ensuring that each sales rep has a sufficiently sized territory to meet quota.

  • Quota development: Assessment of historical sales data to develop reasonable and achievable quotas for your sales teams.

  • CRM advisory: Overall assessment of how your teams are using your CRM systems ( or otherwise), including answering key questions such as: Are your teams effectively using your CRM system?  Have you clearly defined the right set of expectations for data collection and put in place systems and processes to monitor adherence?  How clean is your CRM data?