M&A and Fundraising Transaction Support Services Detail

Whether you are looking to acquire a company to accelerate your growth, to raise external capital or to ready your company for a sale to a strategic or financial buyer, it's critical that you are prepared through each stage of the deal.  Flagstone Operating Partners offers a wide range of services to help ensure a smooth transaction and maximize the value you realize from the transaction:

  • Investor presentations & fundraising documents: Development of detailed offering summaries and investor presentations to assist you in equity and debt capital fundraising efforts, as well as in exit planning.  

  • Sell-side due diligence support: Assistance to ensure you are prepared to respond to common investor and acquirer business and financial due diligence requests.  We will also help you to organize requested information into a set of easier to understand summary documents that are aligned with investor and acquirer expectations.

  • M&A target identification and buy-side due diligence support: We can help you identify and prioritize a list of appropriate acquisition targets, aligned to your overall business strategy.  When you are ready, we can provide additional support through the due diligence process to help ensure you are asking the right questions, getting the necessary insights into the target company's business and financial picture and that you have an effective value creation plan in place prior to consummating the transaction.

  • Integration planning and execution: Getting the deal done is only half the battle.  Value creation from a new acquisition depends on timely and effective integration of the acquired assets into your day to day operations.  We can help you develop a 100 day plan to integrate the acquisition into your operations and develop longer term performance management programs to ensure long term value creation.